Drive Manila Transport Services Corp. highly values your information and we make sure that your data is secured and protected. The privacy policy explains how we collect, use and secure your personal identifiable information. This policy covers the use of our website, apps platform and mobile application.



Upon registration with us, we collect your name, address, phone#, email address, and other personal identifiable information necessary for us to provide service. We also gather sensitive personal information from supporting documents such as government issued IDs, proofs of billing, and vehicle registration details. Information related to trips such as vehicle details, booking details and payment details are also collected from the transactions made.

We also collect data from third party services such as Facebook, Google and Tracksolid. When you login through social media, registration profile from that service is shared from that service. The information we receive is controlled by the third party service provider. By logging in or using a third party service, the user agrees to the Privacy Policy of Drive. We are not responsible to how the third party use and share your information. Drive may also use your information to obtain public records for background checks. We may also receive information from credit verification companies and add it to your records.

We collect information on your interaction with our platform including booking details, location status, cookies and other similar technologies. Our platform automatically logs your activities, usage data, hardware and software information, and other device information.



We collect information to facilitate your transaction, improve our services and ensure safe and secure customer experience. Furthermore, we need the information to provide customer support, send transaction details, send notifications, invite others to use the platform and measure and improve service performance. We are committed to ensuring safe experience by verifying your identity, detect and prevent fraud, conduct checks and investigations to resolve disputes within the community.



Your public profile includes basic information about you including your public profile, address, contact number, email address which we share to the other party to facilitate the transaction. We may also share information to vendors and service providers who are working with us. We also aggregate date to further improve our service. We may also disclose your information to our insurance, gps, verification partners necessary to facilitate a transaction.