These guidelines and policies are put in place to make sure that your driving experience is top notch, and so as the customers after you.

Policy on Renter Cancellations and Refunds

We have a 500 pesos non-refundable reservation fee for the booking. Renter may cancel their booking anytime effective immediately.

If the cancellation happens within 24hrs from start of the rental time and date, the reservation fee shall be forfeited.

If the cancellation happens with more than 24hrs remaining from the start time and date, the reservation can be rebooked within the same year.

There are also NO REFUNDS for early returns.

Policy on Extensions

Renters can buy more time when they feel like extending their vacation. A maximum of 6 hours is allowed for extension and requires an approval from car owner. In case of extension without approval, renter will be charged 2x the late fees.

Destination Control Policy

All clients are required to submit their city/province destination as a security precaution for both the renter and rented car.

Mis-declaration of destination might lead to civil and criminal charges not limited to fines or penalties, denial of service or even jail time.  

Pickup and Drop-Off Fees (PUDO)

Pickup and Drop-Off Fees also known as PUDO fees is dependent on the distance of car garage to the delivery and pickup location.

Please see standard rates below:

320 PHP

1-8 Kilometers From Garage

480 PHP

9-16 Kilometers from Garage

640 PHP

17-24 Kilometers from Garage

Night Differential Fees

A night differential fee is computed for deliveries or pickup that fall between 10:01 PM and 5:59 AM. This is to compensate for additional expenses incurred traveling at night. A 20% night differential fee is added to PUDO fee per booking.  

Car Wash Fee
Leave the Cleaning to Us!

We know you are tired after a long road trip or vacation. And you don’t have the time and energy to have the car cleaned before returning to the owner. We have heard your requests. Starting on Monday 12th of Nov, renters can just pay the cleaning fee upfront and make as much as 200 pesos savings!

*This policy does not cover special cases that require a special cleaning fee like vomit inside the car, smell of cigarrette, and pet hair all over the interior.

Please refer below for Carwash Fees:

120 PHP


160 PHP


200 PHP


Policy on Fuel

Car owners should always keep their vehicles fully fueled before handing over the keys. The renter should also return the car with full gas. The owner can reimburse their car receipts if the renter returns it with less gas.


Policy on Flat Tires
No Smoking Policy
Pet Policy
Send us a note for any questions or clarifications.