Drive Groceries: The Perfect Lockdown Supply Solution

Regular Groceries are important right now for people under quarantine. With greater and greater restrictions, enacted for our safety getting resupplied is also getting more and more difficult.. But if we can get fast food delivered, why not groceries? Getting groceries delivered means less risk of exposure and less chances of breaking social distancing rules. […]

Knight Rider KITT and the future of Automatic Cars

We get it. There’s something romantic about the notion of driving a stick. When gym rats ask, “How much do you bench?” Drivers ask, “Can you drive a stick?” We can’t deny the amount of control we have over the car when we use manual transmission. All eight Fast and Furious Movies have shown us […]

Visiting Botong and the Higantes: An Art Tour by Drive

Drive Tours launched its successful Angono Art Tour held on January 11, 2020 in the country’s art capital, Angono Rizal.   The multi sectoral event had participants of all ages and of different and countries of origin, spearheaded by Drive Manila founder Michael Miranda, and tour organizers Mailyn Solomon and Gene Rose Imphang. Drive Tours […]


  Drive Manila kicks off the New Year with a 25% Price Drop from January 6-9 and January 13-16, 2020. In response to the success of the 50/hour promo rate in September of 2019, we want to thank all our loyal renters with another price drop to open 2020.   The price drop to 50/hour […]