Hot Momma’s Kitchen: Bicol’s Finest Dishes

Authentic Bicolandia Food Our lives took a dramatic turn, in mid-March of 2020. With that, we craved any form of comfort we could get our hands on. Many of us turned to our kitchens and cooked ourselves as a security blanket throughout the  quarantine. Not unlike Cristina Navela-Bangalan, a full-time Financial Advisor, who found herself […]

K-Beauty: Essentials Right to your Doorstep

Self-care seems to be the least focus in this pandemic, but take it from a better who’s beating both stress and economic challenges.  It has been almost six months since our movements were restricted to our homes only. Still, we’re in it with dry hands from too much alcohol and hand washing. And unwanted breakouts […]

Casa Tortuga: Turtle Power!

Slow-cooked Filipino-Spanish food “Slow and steady wins the race,” is the lesson from the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. And taking it slow has definitely worked for Anne Marie “Yanna” Acosta and her husband when they launched Casa Tortuga, the House of Turtle. The business is so named because it turned out that […]

Back To Basics: Ditch the plastic and make the switch!

This pandemic has rendered us feeling powerless in one way or another. Everything has taken a back seat to the flattening of the curve, enforcing physical distancing, wearing of face masks and shields. As life has come to almost a complete stop and worthy causes like environmentalism seem almost secondary. The Women behind the brand […]

Drive Groceries: The Perfect Lockdown Supply Solution

Regular Groceries are important right now for people under quarantine. With greater and greater restrictions, enacted for our safety getting resupplied is also getting more and more difficult.. But if we can get fast food delivered, why not groceries? Getting groceries delivered means less risk of exposure and less chances of breaking social distancing rules. […]