K-Beauty: Essentials Right to your Doorstep

Self-care seems to be the least focus in this pandemic, but take it from a better who’s beating both stress and economic challenges. 

It has been almost six months since our movements were restricted to our homes only. Still, we’re in it with dry hands from too much alcohol and hand washing. And unwanted breakouts from wearing, face mask and now, face shield. Plus, do it yourself hair cuts. We’re at home, yet, ironically, we can’t seem to take care of ourselves. 


Mary Ruth Ong is a Financial Advisor and an Entrepreneur.

The Beauty business

Not Mary Ruth Ong, a Financial Advisor and entrepreneur, who took the time to develop a new gameplan. It started as a pursuit of a hobby in April that blossomed to a nationwide business today. Inspired by Korean beauty regimens, K-Beauty essentials, guarantee results, and empowerment. 

”I told myself, go big or go home. So I used my savings to manufacture bulk products,” Mary Ruth reveals, on how she got started on K-Beauty. K-beauty offers a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products which includes: rejuvenating sets, serum, artisan soaps, lip tints, and more. It’s Filipina care, by a Filipina for Filipinas. And these essentials are open for any Filipina who wants to up their game during this pandemic. 

”We aim to spread the opportunity and to empower women out there, especially to those who are unemployed and no-work-no-pay individuals. Let us help one another.” – The K-Beauty 

As more Filipinas affiliate with K-beauty, the more they needed a better delivery service. Taking a word from her colleague, Cristina of Hot Momma’s Kitchen, DRIVE Logistics become a metro partner. 

Drive Logistics Rate Card. We help you grow your business!


DRIVE, a peer-to-peer car rental platform, has pivoted its car rental fleet to cope with the new needs of transport and logistic services. DRIVE Logistics, by far, has the BEST rate across all service delivery apps in the country. Its motorcycle delivery fee starts at 

₱50 plus ₱6 per extra kilometer. And for the bulkier items, sedan, AUV, and van are also available. And the promising feature is multi-drop deliveries! 

Flourish despite the crisis with K-Beauty by reaching out to https://web.facebook.com/TheKBeauty.CSC.PH. And DRIVE Logistics for your mega Manila delivery needs.

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