Casa Tortuga: Turtle Power!

Slow-cooked Filipino-Spanish food

“Slow and steady wins the race,” is the lesson from the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. And taking it slow has definitely worked for Anne Marie “Yanna” Acosta and her husband when they launched Casa Tortuga, the House of Turtle. The business is so named because it turned out that the turtle was their lucky charm because — business is booming.

The turtle may be slow, but in the world of culinary delights, slow means, “love”. You, stew, you simmer, you marinade, you let all the goodness of the food rest before you serve. You express care and love to the people you cook for, by cooking slow. 

Annmarie Acosta is owner of Casa Tortuga and the Marketing Cosultant of four International Media and Entertainment Brands. She has also been signed in as a managing partner of a Global Fintech Company.


Yummy! Paella, Callos and Bagnet Kare-Kare

The idea of Casa Tortuga was born at about the same time the lockdowns began.The simultaneous shutdowns of food establishments gave rise to a vacuum in the Filipino experience, because good food has a role in binding Filipino relationships. 

A quick browse at Acosta’s social media accounts would make it clear that cooking was a passion. Paella, Callos, Bagnet Kare Kare, these are the dishes that she loves and with a bit of prompting from her husband, they decided that they would sell what they cooked at home. What started out as a longing, ended up being the seeds for an enterprise. “We’re all about family and gatherings,” Acosta Emphasized.

Paella, Callos, Bagnet Kare Kare, these are the dishes that she loves…

Very, very homey dishes

They began selling by meeting the needs of their local community online. Shortly after that, the secret was out. People wanted more of Casa Tortuga. “It was a dream of business of sorts. We wanted to keep it tight and humble. Yung mga alam na kahit nakapikit pa. These are home recipes. These are very, very homey.”

The dishes may be homey, but some customers are far, far away from home. Being situated at North Caloocan, they were not exactly at a strategic hub that was accessible to their customers. With quarantines in place, there was no way they would be distributing their products themselves. “With the demand, we had to find a way to transport our products to a wider market. Our home is situated in an area where it’s challenging to get that service during the height of the lockdown. It’s either there’s no rider available at all or the wait is for eons.”

They have different kinds of cheesecake you will surely love, like this Pink Moscato Cheesecake!

Drive Logistics partners with Casa Tortuga

They looked into popular logistic providers including a popular TVNS. But their rates were too expensive, passing on that cost to their customers would make their products too costly. 

It was Drive Logistics to the rescue. Drive was a perfect match. Not only did Drive Logistics offer more reasonable rates, they had a dedicated fleet of drivers standing by to take their food anywhere in the metropolis, even as far south as Las Piñas!

Drive Logistics provides motorcycle riders and cars for Casa Tortuga’s food deliveries.

The pandemic may have given the push to get the business rolling, but the business is meant to be sustainable and Drive is helping keep it that way. Thanks to Drive, now everyone can enjoy home cooked, Filipino-Spanish cuisine. “We offer what we can from our humble home kitchen. Pretty much sharing our home recipes to everyone out there.” 

In fact only recently the Filipino favorite happy insect food chain closed down many of their branches and Acosta cried over that development.

Rosemary Chicken, ’nuff said!

Rustic breads and sumptuous pies

And humble is how they want to keep it. They are sticking to what they know, and know so well. There are no aspirations of joining the ube cheese, baked sushi, or any new fangled quarantine food craze. They have however also gotten into baking offering favorites such as pocket pies. But they will stick to their all time favorites and do them excellently. So checkout Casa Tortuga over at Facebook at: or or call 277946259 for party trays, tapas, pot pies, rustic bread. 

Business hours  are Mondays to Saturdays, 10am – 3pm 

Delivery schedule: 2 days after order confirmation; delivered all over the Metro.

Did we mention they also bake pies and breads?


Deliveries powered by Drive Logistics

And if you are inspired by this story and are looking for a helping hand:

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