Drive Groceries: The Perfect Lockdown Supply Solution

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Regular Groceries are important right now for people under quarantine. With greater and greater restrictions, enacted for our safety getting resupplied is also getting more and more difficult..

But if we can get fast food delivered, why not groceries? Getting groceries delivered means less risk of exposure and less chances of breaking social distancing rules. This is exactly what Drive Groceries can do for you, online, non-contact, same day delivery, grocery shopping made easy. Everything you need, including another layer of social distancing, for a reasonable price.

Drive Groceries & delivery service means you can get your daily necessities at the comfort of your own home, without having to interact with guards, cashiers, and other shoppers. Drivers and vehicles follow strict disinfection procedures. To ensure your health.

How does Drive Groceries work?

They pretty much work round the clock. While they are still building their webapp, they take your orders manually everyday with a 12pm cutoff. After they queue up all orders, they deploy their Local Grocers to fullfill the request and deliver before sundown.

Is it affordable?

This is really value for money. A lot of our customers are even saying that is pretty cheap compared to the effort we do to make sure we deliver all the orders they have listed.

What areas do they support?

Drive groceries is currently operating in Metro Manila and will soon be availeble to the nearby provinces in the next 90days. Stay tuned as we deploy this technology to all parts of the archipelago.

This is grocery shopping made easy! Order now at Drive Groceries from the comfort of your own home.

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