Knight Rider KITT and the future of Automatic Cars

We get it. There’s something romantic about the notion of driving a stick. When gym rats ask, “How much do you bench?” Drivers ask, “Can you drive a stick?” We can’t deny the amount of control we have over the car when we use manual transmission. All eight Fast and Furious Movies have shown us what fun they’re all having. When you need to get that extra power when passing another car, that downshift upshift gives us that extra oomph to do it. (Don’t forget the speed limit!)


However back in our daily realities, in the jams of EDSA and the smaller inner streets of Manila, are there really those many opportunities to “unleash the beast?” The constant play of clutch and gas and break and shift and repeat, are very stressful to a driver stuck in hours of traffic in the EDSA parking lot. Let’s face it in city driving, automatic is the better choice for most driving contexts. 


The Future is Automatic

First and most of all, modern ATs are better at fuel economy. If we are truly honest about it, we don’t always pay attention at the correct time to change gears. That leaves us at low gear for too long wasting more gas, or at high when we need to downshift costing us power. 


Modern AT’s are more capable and smarter at fuel efficiency without sacrificing acceleration or power when you need it especially with CVTs or Continuous Varying Transmission. CVTs go from gear to gear seamlessly with more gradients than your usual 5 speed.


The next reason to choose an AT is safety. As we get older things become less about being able to show off and more about taking care of the people we love. When you choose to drive an AT because gear shifting is eliminated, BOTH hands can stay on the wheel at all times. Two hands on the wheel means more control and a safer drive. 


And no matter how long you have been driving, more a lot more concentration is needed for the correct ‘timpla’ of your clutch and gas during inclines. You take the guesswork out of that proper gas-clutch play when you’re on auto.


KITT was an automatic, before there was Dominic Toretto there was KITT

Driving an Automatic is Cool

Lastly, if you’re thinking about cool. Just remember, the coolest car in primetime TV history as David Hasselhoff’s KITT. The Knight Industries Two Thousand was an AT, Pontiac Trans-AM. The coolest car of our 80’s childhood is an automatic. So the next time you look down at the stick and think it’s “just” an automatic, just think of it as channeling your inner Knight Rider. The Hoff approves and you don’t hassle the Hoff.

The Hoff Approves of Automatic, get your AT car from Drive

That safer drive is so important when you take your big family with you on your road trip. Big family vacations mean a bigger ride to accommodate all your bags and gear. Whether it’s going camping or going to the beach go AT on Drive’s fleet of SUVs and Vans when a sedan just isn’t big enough. Keep both hands on the wheel to keep your family secure. 


Drive can get you behind the wheel of both ATs and MTs with a tap of the app. Drive is available in the iOS App Store and Google Playstore for Android. Or visit Drive at  or FB Page at for more details.

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