Drive Manila kicks off the New Year with a 25% Price Drop from January 6-9 and January 13-16, 2020. In response to the success of the 50/hour promo rate in September of 2019, we want to thank all our loyal renters with another price drop to open 2020.


The price drop to 50/hour applies to all 4 seaters, from compact cars to hatchbacks, while the 75/hour price drop applies to Vios or any sedan rented using the Drive app.


The New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings. People are starting new jobs, school terms, and even businesses. The phrase “New Year, New Me” has gone from cliched catchphrase to the new normal. People are  brimming with new ideas for getaways, and ideal destinations. While January signals this new start, we can’t escape the challenging commutes to and from the province after the holidays or getting back to the grind of the metro. 


Drive is perfect for people who want to enjoy their new beginnings with the convenience of driving a car that is assured to be five years old or newer. Your safety is ensured with every car rented out by Drive. And with these unbeatable price drops at the start of the new decade, you can enjoy your fresh start in style and with the utmost convenience.


Check out the full schedule of Drive price drops for the whole year. So plan those trips now!



Now is the perfect time to start renting a car with Drive! Download the Drive app on iOS or Google Play to enjoy safe and convenient car rental like no other. Like the Drive Manila Facebook page, as well to receive the latest updates on upcoming promos and events. You may also message Kayle and her 24/7 customer support team for more information regarding the January 2020 price drop.


Get your fresh start for less this New Year with Drive!

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