by Sam Lucas

December 30, 2019

Drive Manila was overflowing with the holiday spirit during its 2019 year end party at Murato Streat on December 29. It was a casual get together and meet and greet with the company’s officers and partners, over dinner and drinks. The event also marked the first anniversary of the Drive app, an important milestone that began the the company’s accelerated growth, which is anticipated to continue in the coming year.

Drive’s correspondent Sam Lucas was on the scene, and got the firsthand details regarding how Drive became a part of their personal growth and improvement.

The Drive Team

Drive founder Mike Miranda, shared  that there will be continuous training for sales and marketing staff in the following months, to support the growth of partners and growing needs of the renters. Upgrading standards in quality and safety continue to be key focal points for Drive.

Ms. Grace Miranda, Drive’s CEO has also shared how Drive has started with some of their vehicles initially as part of a TVNS. The breakthrough came in deciding to change the model from TVNS to a rental service.Their vision was a service that would cater to families like theirs, who wanted to travel and go around the country without sacrificing comfort.

They wanted to make car rental hassle free for both the partners and the renters, by streamlining the Know Your Customer (KYC) and on- boarding process. After seeing an increase in demand, they found friends who were willing to rent out their cars and Drive was born. In 2018, they launched the app and also increased their presence on social media. Ms. Grace has stressed that this is aligned part of their vision to make Drive’s service accessible, but also secure to ensure that all their partners adhere to their standards. Her vision is to bring Drive to other parts of the country, such as Cebu and Zamboanga, not just to provide business opportunities but also to help Filipinos move around more conveniently.

Sam also spoke to Keats Ronquillo, the Site Lead for Drive Bohol. He joined Drive with confidence as Mike was a good friend  since high school. He believes that travelling around Bohol is best experienced on one’s own time and not with a tour group. Having Drive will make booking a vehicle available anytime will make sightseeing around the province more convenient and economical. The beautiful sights of Bohol is also conducive for leisurely driving, at one’s own pace. In Bohol, Keats is also a teacher for the Deaf, and he foresees Drive’s continuous inclusive partnership with PWD partners and renters.

Continuous Partnership

Drive partners Kevin and Rebecca Regaña, Lydia and Jun Cabero, and Carlo Tagle, had only good things to say about Drive. They shared how Kayle Miranda, Drive’s Chief Marketing Officer, is always available to assist them with their concerns regarding rental, booking, and customer service. They also expressed how happy they were with how the Drive augmented their income and helped their families in the process.

Ms. Eva Parreño of AccessiWheels shared how Mr. Miranda helped her startup. She mentioned how AccessiWheels connects sensitive drivers to people with mobility concerns, and their partnership with Drive has helped PWDs successfully and autonomously move around. She sees a continuing of this collaboration in 2020, and to continue the visibility of AccessiWheels through Drive’s app and social media platforms.

Kayle Miranda, Drive’s Chief Marketing Officer. shared that there are many opportunities for work from home job seekers in the coming months. She is looking for people to support her as Drive is continuously growing, and building her team which will undergo intensive training in early 2020. She is inviting everyone to like Drive Manila on Facebook stay posted for upcoming job openings for sales and marketing.

Finally, there was Gene Rose Imphang, a tour organizer who is part of Drive’s upcoming tour at Angono, Rizal. This is the first of many tourism events which will promote Drive’s partnerships with different LGUs and organizations. She is excited to see how Drive will make day tours easier and more convenient for renters and optimistic about the company’s growth and upcoming projects.

There are events to come at Drive Manila, stay tuned for an expanding car rental experience that continues to be more convenient and inclusive.

Don’t forget to like Drive Manila on Facebook, and to download the Drive app on Apple or Google Play, and here’s to an awesome 2020!

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