5 Easy to Follow Car Rental Tips in the Philippines

5 Easy to Follow Car Rental Tips in the Philippines

1. Book a car from a DTI/SEC registered company
You may be saving a little money with gypsy car rentals but it is always best to deal with businesses duly compliant with the law. Duly registered car rental businesses can issue Official Receipts which complies to governement taxes and required by companies during official travels.

2. Make early reservation
It is best to find rental cars in advance especially during Summer break (Mar to Jun) and Christmas break (Oct to Jan) as the reservation calendar gets easily full during that season. Some rental companies give discounts for early bird bookings.

3. Always check their online reviews
If a car rental company highly values customer experience, chances are it will reflect on their online reviews by their customers. Also check for recommendations from other people and look for special awards received by the company.

4. Check for Comprehensive Insurance and CDW
Always make sure that the car you are renting is protected by a commercial comprehensive insurance. A Collission Damage Waiver is an additional insurance offered by car rental companies which protects the renter from being asked to pay for small damages incured while the car is on rent.

5. Explore peer-to-peer car rental
New car rental companies like DRIVE lets you rent a car using your mobile app. It is a peer to peer car rental company and has thousands of partners all over the country, that means you can rent their cars anywhere you go and anytime of the day.

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